The Red Dirt Revelators are a dirty blues roots band, and not in the manner of lyrics or distortion. The dirt is in the the grooves, Red Dirt grooves, with lyrics that reveal a story, a truth, and sometimes even an emotional Revelation. The Red Dirt Revelators are powered by the irrisistable "Big Deluxe" dirt engine of Jason Gardner on drums, and Clay Ford on bass. The band gets their supercharger cut from the incredible guitar work of Rob Fender and the voice of Willie Shane Johnston; when he gets to revelatin' on harp and that nasty voice lights up he couldn't hold back the gasoline, even if he wanted to.

Willie Shane Johnston was raised in Grenada, MS. He graduated from the RIM program of MTSU in Murfreesboro, TN. In Blacksburg, VA, Willie had the opportunity to build and operate Real2Reel recording studios now operated by Virginia Tech. He now enjoys songwriting and performing in NC. Willie has performed in WSNB, Skokat, Contagious Blues Band, and Electric Woodshed




Sign- Virgo

Favorite Food - Catfish and Ketchup

Plays- Lee Oscar Harmonicas and Fat Bottom Mics

Jason Gardner has played drums for WSNB, Uncle Jam Band, Blues Kravin, and The Blue Flames. As a baby, Jason was mysteriously found in a basket after a lightning storm, and raised in a pool hall in Marion, North Carolina, filling in on drums at his grandfathers juke joint when the adult players had consumed too much listening fluid to continue to play.






Sign - Gemini

Favorite Food - Chicken

Plays - Sonor and Yamaha Drums

Clay Ford has played bass for WSNB, Uncle Jam Band,and The Terry Eckerd Band. Hailing from Hudson, NC, Clay was reportedly to have hit the ground as a baby, walking and talking, and with a knowledge of beef cattle and masonry. The family says he grew to full size in just eight weeks. With his giant hands and natural rhythm, his mama said he was a natural born bass man.





Sign - Aries

Favorite Food - Onions

Plays - Dingwall guitars and Gallien Krueger amp